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After a creative and fulfilling eighteen years in Duluth, MN, including ten years as Gallery & Collection Manager at the Tweed Museum of Art, Eric sold off all he owned and headed for California to pursue his art career dreams and heal his body. After stints in Ojai and Los Angeles he landed in the quaint small town of Cambria, half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Originally pursuing a degree in wildlife biology and working for the Forest Service in Juneau, AK, he eventually obtained a degree in fine art from the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN. With an emphasis on mark making and texture his artwork spans all media including painting, sculpture, photography, digital and land-based works. Themes of human interaction, mental health, growth and death are often at the forefront of Eric’s work, along with an underlying sense of humor. Feeling fortunate to have found a Lyme literate doctor, he's well on his way to overcoming ten years of chronic illness, and is renovating his dream studio and ready to exhibit and sell.

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