Artist Statement and Bio

My goal is to encapsulate the abstract, emotional energy of love and growth through the forms and shapes that I create, allowing for an underlying narrative of “Ascension” to run through the pieces, while allowing for a broader interpretation through their biomorphic and minimal shapes. Deep down I believe we are collectively growing beyond the worn and tired trappings of the way things were and ascending into our next phase of development. This notion, or hope, is my starting point. From there I work from imagery pulled from my meditations and distill these shapes and forms down through drawing. I love creating intuitively, being conscientious of materials, tactility and form. Working with encaustic and wood allow me to function in stream-of-conscious manner, while also offering nuance, and plays well into my sculptural sensibilities. Additionally, after years of working with toxic mediums, by body is grateful to be using materials that are a tad healthier.

I am new to Ojai, having landed here last November. After 18 years in Duluth MN I packed my studio and woodworking shop into storage, sold off or gave away most else I owned and sold my house. After a few months of adventuring in the Southern California area I have somehow found myself in this beautiful community. I feel really lucky to have found such a place as well as a gracious host who supports my art life and goofy mutt. After receiving a BFA from the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN, I moved to Duluth, MN. Over those ensuing years I began a music and art gallery nonprofit, lived and served on the board of the Artist Cooperative, had over a decade long career at the Tweed Museum of Art where I was the Gallery and Collections Manager as well as designed exhibitions, curated, and installed over 200 exhibits. Through that time I also exhibited paintings, sculpture and photographs extensively in the region, curated pop-up exhibits, received numerous grants and been collected widely. Upon arriving to Ojai I became a member of the Ojai Studio Artists, which is my first step in becoming a member of the Ojai community, and I'm excited to see how this new chapter of my life unfolds.


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